Thursday, 10 May 2012


Before going to Artfest I couldn't figure out what to bring for trades. I tried this and that and at some point I thought envelopes would be fun and it's something you always need. So I played around and started having a lot of fun making them.

Not long ago, Jessica Brogan, whom I met first through (or HSHB) and then at Artfest asked me if I could make a tutorial for my painted envelopes. I liked the idea, so here it is...

You will need :

  • Paper, whatever color you want, thicker than printer paper, but not cardstock (it is a bit too thick to fold. It works but makes a pretty heavy envelope. )
  • Doily, punchinella and/or any stencil you like
  • Color wash spray (I use Adirondack, but also Radiant Rain by Creative imaginations. The colors are very bright even when dry and the sprayer doesn’t get clogged – unlike the Adirondack ones. But really, any kind will do, it doesn’t have to be watersoluble or not, it will just have a different effect in the end).
  • White liquid gesso (preferably one that doesn’t cover too much)
  • Background stamp 
  • Stamp pad (an ink that dries quickly like Stazon or Colorbox Liquid Chalk. Whatever you have)
  • Acrylic ink (liquitex or FW have great colors)
  • Scoring board with envelope tool (or an envelope template, there are tons on the web)
  • Bone folder
  • Glue tape (or double-sided tape or any king of good glue that you like)

I recommend doing several envelopes at once

Cut a piece of paper in a 7 ½” square (it makes a 5 ¼” by 4” envelope)

Use a doily (or any stencil you like) to make a pattern with color wash spray (you can see my cotton doily has seen many colors...)

Let it dry a little and paint white gesso (preferably one that is more transparent) in a  random way over the pattern. Let dry.

      Put a couple of drops of acrylic ink and rub them on the paper with your fingers.

    Make some marks with inkpads and punchinella

Use a background stamp and cover the whole paper (script in my case) with a light color (like bronze)

Here are a few papers. You can see I added a few letters with a lettering stencil.

 I decided to add some circles with a bottlecap and distress ink (any ink will do)

Feel free to skip or repeat any of those steps. You can see  a little bit in the first picture I didn’t always follow the same guidelines. Sometimes I painted gesso on through a stencil or through the punchinella. Sometimes I added paint here and there. I also used the sprays with a letter stencil instead of the doilie. Feel free to make any king of marks you want. There’s all sorts of options.

Once you like the way it looks you are ready to fold.

Place your painted square painted face down on the scoring board. Using the triangle (envelope tool) score at 3 ¼”, turn, score at 2 5/8”, turn, score at 3 ¼”, turn and score at 2 5/8”.

You will get 4 little triangles not quite in the middle of each side. Cut them out on the scoring lines (actually it’s better if you don’t see the scoring line once you are done cutting).

Time to fold ! Use a bone folder and fold all sides toward the center of the unpainted side. Make sure all sides fold nicely, cut out a little more if necessary.

Decide which of the bigger flaps you want to see on top. Fold the 2 small flaps and use glue tape to adhere the bigger flap. 

If you want, use a punch to decorate the edges of the 4th flap. 

That’s it, you’re done !

Have fun   


  1. Hey - this is a lot of fun! Awesome project. Thanks for explaining it all.

  2. This is really cool. I think my daughter and I will try it

  3. Definitely going to try this one. What a great idea!!

  4. super cute! thanks for sharing!

  5. awesome and beautiful,, can tought for do this..colorfull envelope